Veolia Caught Fly Tipping

Veolia’s operatives have this afternoon been implicated in a fly-tipping incident on Judd Street in King’s Cross.

After a resident of the area bought a new TV where Veolia were also found shopping, the packaging including two distinctive pieces of polystyrene were recycled at the communal recycling bins on Judd Street.

Veolia’s operatives were then seen emptying the bins of their waste.

But upon returning to the area it was noticed that the two pieces of polystyrene had not been recycled but instead shoved behind the bins.

It comes as numerous complaints have been made about the state of this particular location, with Veolia refusing to properly sweep and clean the bin surrounds, and allowing litter to build up on the nearby grass and park.

Residents had had to sweep the area themselves as Camden, Veolia, and idVerde disputed who was contractually responsible for keeping the area clean. Veolia had argued that any litter blowing from the area onto the grass should be swept by idVerde, while idVerde blamed Veolia for making an unnecessary mess while emptying the bins. Veolia also argued that the space between the back of the bins and the fence was the responsibility of idVerde, while Camden were unclear about where the formal boundary between the park and the pavement lay.

Camden and Veolia had pointed to the poor behaviour of residents for the overall mess, blaming them for dumping waste around the bins regardless of whether it could be recycled.

But following this discovery it should be questioned whether it is in fact Veolia’s own employees dumping large amounts of waste in the area, then refusing to clear it up.

It is not understood why Veolia’s operatives rejected the polystyrene and dumped it behind the bins, as polystyrene is itself 100% recyclable. Although it is not commonly recycled by local authorities due to the difficulty in doing so, there is no indication on the bins themselves or from Camden that they don’t recycle polystyrene.

Camden have been contacted for comment.

One thought on “Veolia Caught Fly Tipping

  1. Now I know why the front of Bramber Green park is always littered. Three different organisations arguing about who does what in a tiny area. They should be ashamed, particularly Camden Council, which organised the whole mess to begin with. Picking up litter is not rocket science, but somehow in Camden, the Council just can’t manage it. Sadly, by comparison, the privately managed areas in the new Kings Cross development are spotless.


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