Read our Report on Cleanliness in Bloomsbury

We have published a report on the state of cleanliness in Bloomsbury, and how it can be improved.

The report was shared with community groups and members during the draft stages and discussed with Camden’s Environment Services. It contains various recommendations which are currently being explored by Camden.

The report will now be shared with councillors for comment and shared with the Camden New Journal.

The report is thirty-five pages long but comes complete with a three page executive summary for those without the time or interest to read the entire document. It has thus far been received with much interest and acclaim, being described as an ‘heroic effort’ to increase cleanliness in Bloomsbury.

What is it About?

The report examines five separate issues causing cleanliness issues in Bloomsbury:

  1. Fly-tipping
  2. Inadequate provision of litter bins
  3. Fly-posting
  4. Poor sweeping
  5. Problems with Clean Camden

Rather than simply criticising Camden, it examines the problems faced on the ground, informed by experience shadowing Camden’s monitoring officers (SAMOs), and sets forward ways to resolve these problems. The report was shared with the two SAMOs covering the Bloomsbury area and the Head of Environment Services. After a meeting it was resolved to investigate how many of the recommendations could be implemented.

This is a positive step in the right direction. Although we have seen an increased level of cleanliness in much of Bloomsbury, there are still systematic problems that need to be resolved. The report focusses on those problems.

What Happens Now?

Camden are currently looking into the viability of many of the recommendations made.

The report will be shared with councillors for their comment and input. It is hoped that members of the community will suggest alterations and feedback, or bring new problems to light. We are considering publishing a further document covering case studies in the Bloomsbury area.

Following the report’s success, discussions are also being had with Bloomsbury Residents’ Action Group to possibly work on a report in a similar style regarding problems with consultation and systematic neglect of the residents of Bloomsbury, particularly with regards to traffic and planning matters.

We are also discussing making a bid to the Heritage Fund to restore the historic street environment of some areas in Bloomsbury, beginning with Judd Street, something covered in the report.

We hope you can read the report and contribute your own ideas and viewpoint. We will publish further updates after any comment from councillors.

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