Belgrove House DMF

Camden are with the developer, and neither give a toss about heritage.

26th June 2020

BCAAC takes on Belgrove House

BCAAC joins forces with local groups to shrink this development.

17th June 2020

Monstrosity Proposed at King’s Cross St Pancras

We need you to help defeat this monstrosity.

4th June 2020

Camden: The Non-Local Authority

FOI response reveals only one Camden employee lives in Bloomsbury.

6th May 2020

Bloomsbury’s Gardens Reclaimed

Bloomsbury’s gardens reclaim their original special character during the Covid pandemic.

1st May 2020

A Threat to Bloomsbury’s Heritage

Strange paradox in the planning system means that the Bloomsbury Conservation Area is at risk.

11th April 2020

UCL Release Excellent Mapping Resource

Contribute to shared knowledge about the history of buildings in Bloomsbury.

30th March 2020

The Birds of Bloomsbury

Learn about the wide variety of species of birds in Bloomsbury, and how you can take up feeding them.

28th March 2020

A Forgotten Part of London’s Heritage

What do we know about the streets of London? Featured in Londonist.

27th March 2020

Demolition Approved

In a dark day for heritage, Camden and the GLA approve the demolition of the historic Royal Free courtyard.

11th March 2020

Camden’s Filth is Symptomatic of Wider Dysfunction

Why is it that Camden is just so despised as a local authority?

8th March 2020

Success Story: Ormonde Mansions

Collective action helps to prevent harm to residents and heritage of Bloomsbury.

6th March 2020

Dockless Bicycles: Consultation Upcoming

A consultation on docks for dockless bicycles is approaching.

4th March 2020

Rain Marchmont Street

Can’t Do Camden

At what point does it become easier to move to Timbuktu?

27th February 2020

What a Mess

Veolia’s management is a shambles.

25th February 2020

Why not ask the Community about how to spend Community Funds?

A pointless pavement on Cartwright Gardens is the latest instance of wasteful spending of Section 106 money.

19th February 2020

Ban Dockless Bicycles from Bloomsbury

We have asked to have dockless bicycles banned from Bloomsbury.

18th February 2020

New Bins for Bloomsbury

We are trialling new bins in the Judd Street area.

14th February 2020

Inside Information: The Briefing Panel

Correspondence with senior Camden sources sheds new light on the Briefing Panel controversy.

13th February 2020

Briefing Panel Plot Thickens

Camden New Journal does not publish Camden’s letter, and petition is brushed aside as expected.

7th February 2020

St George's Bloomsbury Spire

How Can our Local Politicians Represent us if they aren’t Local?

FOI Response reveals only four of nine Bloomsbury councillors live in Bloomsbury.

2nd February 2020

Petition Attracts Support Throughout Camden

Widespread condemnation of Mr Joyce’s power-grab expressed in letter to the Leader of the Council, Georgia Gould

17th January 2020

Then and Now: A Review

Have we managed to achieve what we set out to do in September 2019? See photos of the area in September compared to now.

17th January 2020

Who Does Camden Serve?

After elected councillors were overruled by a civil servant, we can only wonder what will be next from the London Borough of Camden.

15th January 2020

Entrance to a Georgian terrace and interesting brickwork on Calthorpe Street, Bloomsbury

The People of Bloomsbury are Irrelevant to Camden

In speaking to people about local affairs, the one theme that crops up time and time again is that Camden simply do not listen to the needs or wants of residents and businesses, pandering instead to institutions, investors, and flimsy ideologies.

14th January 2020

Read our Report on Cleanliness in Bloomsbury

We have published a thirty-five page report on cleanliness in Bloomsbury and how it can be improved. It has been met with acclaim from the community and Camden’s Environment Services have agreed to pursue suggestions made.

11th January 2020

Help to tidy your Area

Help to tidy Bloomsbury by removing cable ties and old documents.

13th December 2019

Veolia have never met their Targets

FOI response reveals Veolia have failed to meet all their targets in each of their eight assessments since they signed their new contract in 2017.

9th December 2019

‘Streets Paved with Rubbish’

Backlash as statistics reveal Camden to possibly be the worst affected borough for fly-tipping in the country.

21st November 2019

The Clean Camden Controversy

Our investigations reveal Veolia have dodged tens of thousands in fines for poor performance by abusing the Clean Camden application, but Camden turn a blind eye towards the controversy.

20th November 2019

Fraud all but Confirmed

FOI response shows Veolia have been falsely marking Clean Camden reports as complete across the borough.

13th November 2019

Investigation Begins into Alleged Clean Camden Software Error

Camden officer requests investigation into our complaint about Clean Camden ‘error’.

8th November 2019

Why you need to use Clean Camden

Veolia face deductions from their payment if they exceed response times on Clean Camden reports.

27th October 2019

Veolia’s Payment and Performance – An In Depth Analysis

An analysis of Veolia’s payment and performance schedule.

22nd October 2019


Save Bloomsbury becomes involved with other local causes, as our administrator becomes a member of Bloomsbury Residents’ Action Group.

11th October 2019


We have an article published in Londonist, and Keir Starmer proves incapable of reading letters.


Across Bloomsbury

Our work has some results, but fundamental issues across Bloomsbury remain.

12th September 2019

Who Does Camden Serve?

Our first meeting with Camden’s Environment Officers proves that despite their good intentions, they have little control over Veolia.

4th September 2019

David Wilkins

David shares his account of dealing with Camden and problems with street cleanliness.

1st September 2019

The Council begins to Crumble

The launch of the website and subsequent barrage of complaints has an immediate effect on Camden’s Environment Services.


No Change on the Streets

Despite assurances, the streets of Bloomsbury are still filthy.

27th August 2019

Joseph Khalique-Brown

Joseph’s dealings with Camden.

23rd August 2019

Sabina Arshad

Sabina shares her experience with Camden after visiting this website.

21st August 2019

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