Save Bloomsbury is a website run by a committee member of Bloomsbury Residents’ Action Group (BRAG) and the Bloomsbury Conservation Areas Advisory Committee (BCAAC), two of the most active and influential associations in Bloomsbury.

The aim of both of these groups, largely speaking, is to save Bloomsbury in some way.

BRAG aims to save Bloomsbury’s residents and businesses from unacceptable harm through short-sighted Camden schemes and inappropriate development, while the BCAAC aims to save Bloomsbury’s heritage from harm through unacceptable development.

This website acts a source of information for work that both these groups are doing while also relating to work which the author is undertaking independent of both groups.

While the website does encourage activism in some instances, it focusses more on trying to understand the bigger picture and debate ideas, by interviewing Camden officials and councillors and collecting information through Freedom of Information requests.

The website is however strictly personal and any opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect opinions held by those groups, and may often diverge from them.

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