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Why Save Bloomsbury?

Bloomsbury is a place of outstanding beauty and history, famed throughout the world.

There are a number of threats to Bloomsbury, its communities and its heritage, and local groups are working to Save Bloomsbury from those threats.

These threats range from the destruction of heritage, to the vandalism and defacement of our public squares and streets, to the explosion in crime in the area. We work with Bloomsbury Residents’ Action Group and the Bloomsbury Conservation Areas, whilst also working with Camden’s officers to bring change to the area.

Find out more about what we are currently engaged with below.

Street Environment

We have been working directly with Camden’s officers to improve the levels of cleanliness in Bloomsbury. We recently published a 32-page report on cleanliness and how it could be improved, which we are currently working with Camden to implement.

We have weekly meetings with Camden’s officers and have good relations with Environment Services. If your neighbourhood needs our attention, get in contact with us.


Bloomsbury Conservation Areas has been working since 1968 to protect Bloomsbury and its heritage. The Conservation Areas are under a range of new and severe threats, which we are working to combat.

You can learn more about the program that we have recently uncovered which is fuelling the destruction of heritage and communities in the area.


Bloomsbury Residents Action Group have been working since 2016 to stand up for the rights of residents in the face of a local authority which seems to care little for its needs.

BRAG have been involved in vigorous and effective campaigning against Camden and TfL, in planning and traffic matters, and also work to protect residents during construction projects near to their homes.

If your community is under threat from Camden, you should contact us.


David Marchant has been campaigning and lobbying for greater police numbers in Bloomsbury.

By working closely with the police and senior politicians, David has managed to increase numbers of police officers in Bloomsbury, and is currently campaigning for widespread introduction of CCTV throughout the area.

David Marchant has been supported throughout his campaign by Bloomsbury Residents’ Action Group and the Bloomsbury Association.

News and Opinion

We provide a space for those who live and work in Bloomsbury to make their voice heard, through our News and Opinion sections. Much of the news of importance to those in Bloomsbury does not find its way to the Camden New Journal, and so we provide a space here.

We encourage individuals to submit article proposals or story ideas to us by getting in contact.

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