We live in a district of outstanding beauty and history, famed throughout the world.

There is a widespread feeling among residents and business that the local authority, the London Borough of Camden, neglect their duties to care for our area, its buildings, and its residents.

If you feel the same, you are by no means alone.

This website is mostly dedicated to increasing levels of cleanliness in the area of Bloomsbury. It is widely felt by residents that Camden and Veolia fall short in their duty to keep the area clean, and we are working to have the area maintained at a level of cleanliness that it deserves.

Bloomsbury Residents’ Action Group (BRAG) are working to improve the treatment of residents by Camden. It is felt that time and time again the rights of residents are brushed aside in planning and traffic matters, in favour of ideological alterations and lucrative but inappropriate development. They act as an effective voice for residents who feel their quality of life is being harmed by Camden.

The Bloomsbury Conservation Areas Advisory Committee (BCAAC) works to preserve the historic appearance and character of Bloomsbury, something which is of international importance, but which is frequently ignored by Camden in favour of inappropriate development. It is felt that the planning department and committee, who have a legal responsibility to care for the area’s architecture, are totally ignorant of the fact, or even of the permanent damage which they are causing.

Between us, we work to protect Bloomsbury’s public spaces, its buildings, and its residents. The task is monumental and seemingly unending, but we succeed when it matters.

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