Monstrosity at Belgrove House

Latest information on Belgrove House, post-DMF

Why Save Bloomsbury?

Bloomsbury is a place of outstanding beauty and history, of genuine international significance. More than 8 million tourists visit Bloomsbury every year.

But the far smaller number of residents and businesses here often feel forgotten and overlooked. Most have some problem with the way that Bloomsbury is run. From overdevelopment to crime, or simply litter and noise. Fingers are pointed in all directions, but mainly at Camden and similar bodies.

A number of individuals and groups have come together to try and solve these problems permanently – to ‘save Bloomsbury’. This website documents the work which we are all doing, which even if you don’t know it is affecting you.


Belgrove House

Heritage groups rallying to defeat overdevelopment at Belgrove House, opposite King’s Cross and St Pancras.

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Current Work

Street Cleanliness

Pre-Covid we were working with Camden’s Environment Services to get on top of littering and fly-tipping problems in Bloomsbury, having weekly walkabouts in the area.

Contact us if you need help in getting a cleanliness problem resolved.


The BCAAC works to protect the built heritage of Bloomsbury and the surrounding area.

Visit their website to find out more.


BRAG works to protect the quality of life of residents living in the Bloomsbury area, particularly relating to planning and traffic matters.

They have had notable successes campaigning against TfL and Camden schemes. You can get in touch for support.

Police line on Argyle Walk, Bloomsbury, Camden


David Marchant, with the support of BRAG and the Bloomsbury Association, has been campaigning for more police officers and CCTV in the area.

He has already succeeded in increasing police numbers, and now is working for widespread CCTV implementation.


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