Veolia Sweepers Found Shopping for TVs

With the lifting of lockdown, customers have returned to London’s commercial centres in surprising numbers, with Oxford Street looking just as packed as usual on the very first Monday of restrictions easing.

Not wanting to miss out on grabbing a bargain, it seems some of Veolia’s sweepers forwent their sweeping duties to spend Monday morning shopping for TVs on Tottenham Court Road.

From about 10:30am until 12:00pm, two of Camden’s most esteemed ‘key workers’ were spotted ‘sweeping the aisles’ for the best and brightest TVs in Currys. With their sweeping carts abandoned on neighbouring roads, the sweepers were more interested in the difference between ‘QLED’ and ‘OLED’ televisions than keeping Camden’s streets clean.

It comes as complaints have been raised about consistently overflowing bins across the area’s parks, and Camden being rated the most fly-tipped borough in the country. Camden’s Labour cabinet have continued to sweep complaints under the rug, and to fly from all civic responsibility.

As usual, the finger is pointed towards Adam Grayling-Harrison, the man from whom all complaints about Camden Council appear to stem.

The cabinet member for the environment refused to take action against Veolia’s performance last year, praising them for their hard work and a contract which was ‘working well overall’. He ordered Labour councillors to vote against a motion to review the performance of Veolia’s contract.

This is despite the fact that at the last time we checked the statistics, Veolia had failed to reach their targets at every assessment since 2017.

We have asked Camden for updated statistics on Veolia’s performance and Clean Camden reports.

2 thoughts on “Veolia Sweepers Found Shopping for TVs

  1. It’s true. Marchmont Street filthy with litter. Every bin in Russel Square overflowing. And most Veolia sweepers fiddling with their phones, when they are not shopping. Emptying a bin is not ‘rocket science”. How is it that Camden Council cares so little for our environment and our Council Taxes are wasted in this manner?

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