The Birds of Bloomsbury

Bored at home? Consider feeding the wide variety of birds in Bloomsbury. The blandness and strange predictability of days spent indoors has come as something of a culture-shock to many of us accustomed to the unpredictable and dynamic life of Central London. But there is a way in which you can bring something of theContinue reading “The Birds of Bloomsbury”

A Forgotten Part of London’s Heritage

We value the walls of our city – the vertical aspects of its historic architecture, the facades of the buildings which give London its distinctive special character. And yet the floor of our city, the streets between our buildings, are curiously valued to a much lesser extent, despite being equally rich in heritage. London isContinue reading “A Forgotten Part of London’s Heritage”

Plans for New Bins in the Works

Environment Services has undertaken a survey for new bins in the Judd Street area. You can find the survey here. We were out on the fine afternoon of 13th February undertaking a survey for new bins in the Judd Street area. One of the recommendations contained in our report is to increase the provision ofContinue reading “Plans for New Bins in the Works”

Then and Now: A Review

Owen Ward This website was created in September 2019 to document the shocking levels of filth on the streets of Bloomsbury at the time, particularly in the locality of King’s Cross. Since then, it has grown to include other matters of concern in Bloomsbury. But it is of course worth asking the question – didContinue reading “Then and Now: A Review”

Help to tidy your Area

We have been walking around WC1 removing the profusion of planning documents and road closure notifications attached to posts. These contribute negatively to the appearance of an area and are classed as ‘flyposting’ by Keep Britain Tidy. As is well known they are often left for years and become degraded. Camden are legally obliged toContinue reading “Help to tidy your Area”