Bloomsbury’s Brush with Fascism

75 years on from VE Day, we should remember that fascism was once common in Britain, and even made its mark upon Bloomsbury before it was banned at the outbreak of war. One aspect of the common perception of the Second World War is that Nazism and Fascism in general was something confined to theContinue reading “Bloomsbury’s Brush with Fascism”

Camden: The Non-Local Authority

FOI response reveals surprising statistics about where Camden employees live. After the popularity of the post revealing that less than half of Bloomsbury’s councillors live in Bloomsbury, with one living in Morden, I decided to do some further research into just how local our local authority is. One problem that those in Bloomsbury often faceContinue reading “Camden: The Non-Local Authority”

Bloomsbury’s Heritage is At Risk

Bloomsbury has outgrown the status of Conservation Area, and requires something new to properly protect its heritage. ‘A conservation area is an area of special historic or architectural interest, the appearance or character of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance.’ The statute defining a conservation area, Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) ActContinue reading “Bloomsbury’s Heritage is At Risk”

UCL Launches Excellent Mapping Resource

UCL have been working on an online application to map information about the buildings of London. The BCAAC planned to create an interactive online map showing the history and importance of buildings in Bloomsbury. However thanks to an extensive research project undertaken by UCL and today shared on Londonist, we no longer need to. UCLContinue reading “UCL Launches Excellent Mapping Resource”

The Birds of Bloomsbury

Bored at home? Consider feeding the wide variety of birds in Bloomsbury. The blandness and strange predictability of days spent indoors has come as something of a culture-shock to many of us accustomed to the unpredictable and dynamic life of Central London. But there is a way in which you can bring something of theContinue reading “The Birds of Bloomsbury”

A Forgotten Part of London’s Heritage

We value the walls of our city – the vertical aspects of its historic architecture, the facades of the buildings which give London its distinctive special character. And yet the floor of our city, the streets between our buildings, are curiously valued to a much lesser extent, despite being equally rich in heritage. London isContinue reading “A Forgotten Part of London’s Heritage”