Veolia have never met their Targets

Freedom of Information response reveals that Veolia have never met their cleanliness targets, but have faced only a 0.5% deduction from their £16,000/day payment.

Veolia’s performance is officially assessed three times a year by Keep Britain Tidy, a charity whose stated aim is to keep Britain tidy but who actually do very little except for surveys such as this.

This survey assesses the levels of cleanliness in Camden by giving a number which is meant to represent the percentage of areas below acceptable standard. The London Borough of Camden has described the methodology as being ‘highly respected’.

Veolia are set maximum percentages for each of litter, graffiti, detritus, and flyposting. For exceeding these maximum percentages, Veolia are fined a certain amount per percentage exceeded. In our previous analysis though, we worked out that the fines are set so that even if Veolia attained a 0% level of cleanliness in all four areas they would still be paid about £2M.

A Freedom of Information response has revealed that Veolia haven’t ever met their targets in all areas in any assessment.

Keep Britain Tidy have completed a total of 8 assessments since the contract began, these being completed three times a year.

Veolia exceeded their targets on flyposting and graffiti on all 8 assessments, whilst exceeding detritus targets on 6 out of 8 assessments. The litter target was exceeded only once.

There are no assessments for fly-tipping.

The total deduction over the first two years amounts to £57,675, which amounts to just 0.50% of Veolia’s payment for street cleansing (£11.6M over two years).

The charts are shown below.

At one time the survey assessed flyposting levels as being almost ten times the target. However during that year Veolia only faced a deduction of just under £10,000 for flyposting.

We will be discussing these problems with Environment Services this week. The public have known for too long that Veolia have been underperforming and the damage that this does to Camden’s reputation is undeniable. Camden has called this survey ‘highly respected’ and yet it shows exactly how brazen Veolia are in breaching their targets without bounds on flyposting and graffiti.

Coupled with the evidence that Veolia have been avoiding work by falsely completing Clean Camden reports, it all points to a local authority who have lost control of their contractor.

6 thoughts on “Veolia have never met their Targets

  1. Living on Calthorpe St – the amount of flytippng and incorrect placement of litter bags onto the street at any time is exhausting. – exhausting to report. Why must the public constantly monitor this? Veolia should be monitoring the streets themselves as part of their payment – or give some money back for the council to have day in day out monitoring. Also, Veolia do not consistently pick up reported flytips yet are not fined. Their seems to be an attitude of “what can we get away with” instead of “let’s do this right for the community”


  2. That’s exactly it – the whole attitude of Veolia is let’s do as little as possible for as much money as possible, even when it means defrauding the taxpayer. Camden let them get away with it often calling it ‘inevitable’. It’s Camden’s responsibility to properly monitor and enforce Veolia’s responsibility, not ours.


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