Camden: The Non-Local Authority

FOI response reveals surprising statistics about where Camden employees live.

After the popularity of the post revealing that less than half of Bloomsbury’s councillors live in Bloomsbury, with one living in Morden, I decided to do some further research into just how local our local authority is.

One problem that those in Bloomsbury often face is that schemes are dreamed up for the area by those living miles away, with no real local knowledge or understanding. To add insult to injury, these individuals are very rarely at all interested in the local knowledge held by residents and businesses.

So where do Camden’s employees live? How many of them live in Camden itself, and how many of them live south of Euston Road?

One Statistic to Rule Them All…

A Freedom of Information request led to some rather unusual but revealing statistics.

I first asked how many of Camden’s employees live in Camden itself. The employees considered did not include contractor employees such as those working for Veolia.

Camden employ the number of 4278 employees directly.

But only 655 of them live in Camden.

Just over 15%.

No information was revealed as to where the employees outside of Camden live. But the whereabouts of employees living in Camden was broken down by ward, as per my request.

So how many live south of Euston Road?

Just 1, apparently.

Only one Camden employee lives in Bloomsbury, out of the total of 4278. Just over 0%.

We are seeking clarification on this surprising statistic, although the numbers provided do ‘add up’. This employee lives in the Bloomsbury ward, while no employees at all live in the King’s Cross or Holborn and Covent Garden wards, apparently.

Along with the conspicuous lack of councillors living in the area, perhaps this statistic goes some way to explaining the short-sightedness of all proposals in the area.

Some Consolation

In the request I also asked for the whereabouts of all councillors to ascertain whether any councillors serving wards outside of Bloomsbury live in Bloomsbury.

Thankfully there are a few. The following councillors do live in the area:

Maryam Eslamdoust (Mayor)KilburnKing’s Cross
Thomas GardinerKilburnKing’s Cross
Ranjit SinghCantelowesHolborn and Covent Garden

Published by owardkx

I am a resident of Queen Alexandra Mansions, in Bloomsbury. I am also a committee member of Bloomsbury Residents' Action Group and of the Bloomsbury Conservation Areas Advisory Committee, each working to protect residents and heritage in Bloomsbury.

3 thoughts on “Camden: The Non-Local Authority

  1. Hence the reason why so many from outside Camden, a mis-named Council, think everywhere north of Aldwych is Kings Cross. Over the years I have seen press refer to Kings Cross when the places are in Bloomsbury, Clerkenwell, Islington, Holloway Barnsbury and even Swiss Cottage as though Kings Cross is a massive city in the north of London. Kings Cross is a mainline station and nothing else.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I get really get annoyed that so many ‘Londoners’ are so unaware of one of the most historic, beautiful and interesting places in our city, namely Bloomsbury.
        Recently, I read an article recently about UCL based in Kings Cross ! We must fight to correct this ignorance and promote Bloomsbury as the important and historic place in central, not north, London.


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