Camden: The Non-Local Authority

FOI response reveals surprising statistics about where Camden employees live. After the popularity of the post revealing that less than half of Bloomsbury’s councillors live in Bloomsbury, with one living in Morden, I decided to do some further research into just how local our local authority is. One problem that those in Bloomsbury often faceContinue reading “Camden: The Non-Local Authority”

A Forgotten Part of London’s Heritage

We value the walls of our city – the vertical aspects of its historic architecture, the facades of the buildings which give London its distinctive special character. And yet the floor of our city, the streets between our buildings, are curiously valued to a much lesser extent, despite being equally rich in heritage. London isContinue reading “A Forgotten Part of London’s Heritage”

Inside Information: The Briefing Panel

Correspondence with senior Camden councillors and officers has shed new light on the Members Briefing Panel controversy. Over the past month a stir has been caused by the so-called overruling of elected councillors by an unelected official in Camden. Originally we had heard that the Members Briefing Panel had recommended an application be heard byContinue reading “Inside Information: The Briefing Panel”