Camden: The Epitome of Stupid

Camden meets QAM in a battle between common sense and absolute stupidity.

All that is wrong with Camden has been highlighted in a short incident in the past week which has been afflicting residents of Queen Alexandra Mansions, Judd Street.

Last week residents woke to find a key-box had been attached to the wall of QAM’s back entrance. This usually signifies that an owner of a flat has begun to rent it out on AirBnb, which is not permitted in QAM.

Usually AirBnb hosts would make some effort to ‘hide’ their key-box but this individual had placed it in plain sight of everyone. Furthermore they had drilled into the brick to attach this key-box causing permanent damage to QAM’s historic entrance. Drilling into our wall like this is also criminal damage.

However it was later discovered that in fact Camden had taken it upon themselves to attach this key-box without any permission and without informing the building’s directors or caretaker.

The reason for this was that a resident of QAM was under their social care services and so for some reason, they found it necessary to drill into the wall to attach a key-box and store the key there.

Outraged by this the caretaker and Managing Agent called Camden to demand its removal. One of the particularly irritating things about Camden’s actions is that they had drilled into the brick entrance causing permanent damage to the building. At least AirBnb hosts usually attached their keys to the railings by means of chains or some other method which didn’t cause criminal damage.

Camden’s subsequent response exemplified the extreme stupidity which we are all so accustomed to in Bloomsbury.

We woke to find that indeed Camden had removed the key-box but they had simply attached it to another part of the entrance.

Where it used to be.
Where it is now.

Job done! You see we had indeed asked Camden to move the key-box, but we hadn’t said that we didn’t want it attached somewhere else in the entrance. So why not? Camden simply attached it to the wooden frame of the same entrance causing even further permanent damage.

The contractors didn’t even contact the caretaker whist undertaking the works.

I simply cannot conceive of a more ridiculous and idiotic action, and yet I expect nothing less from Camden – the Epitome of Stupid.

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