The Old Dairy, from St George's Gardens, Bloomsbury

Breaking: Section 106 to be Abolished

Radical planning reforms proposed today would see Section 106 and Community Infrastructure Levy replaced with a single levy, the ‘Infrastructure Levy’.

Radical planning reforms out for consultation today will see the end of Section 106 agreements if approved.

Rather than allowing local authorities to negotiate payments in exchange for approval of development, central government will set a value-based levy to apply throughout England.

This could mean the end of Camden’s Section 106 empire.

The reforms also promise to ensure that more affordable housing is built on-site rather than allowing local authorities to simply secure Payments in Lieu.

The levy would still be value based meaning that there would still be a presumption in favour of overdevelopment.

But the reforms promise to introduce ‘protected areas’ where development is subject to stronger control.

The Bloomsbury Conservation Areas would be a prime candidate for being designated as a ‘protected area’.

More details to follow.

One thought on “Breaking: Section 106 to be Abolished

  1. This is so welcome! and we have had to endure monstrsities in the meantime – eg behind us the Mount Pleasant Development – with is nuclear chimney roofplants suddenly included and so many big high rises (14/12 stories) etc, an historic view taken away from the whole neighbourhood and sold to a select few. Beautiful cast iron railings around site removed to allow buildings right up to footpath. Years of noise, vibration, dust. Change to this horrible system of permissions is very v overdue and so very welcome!


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