Camden: The Epitome of Stupid

Camden meets QAM in a battle between common sense and absolute stupidity. All that is wrong with Camden has been highlighted in a short incident in the past week which has been afflicting residents of Queen Alexandra Mansions, Judd Street. Last week residents woke to find a key-box had been attached to the wall of QAM’s back entrance. This usually signifies that an owner of a flat has begun to rent it out on AirBnb, which is not permitted in QAM. Usually AirBnb hosts would make some effort to ‘hide’ their key-box but this individual had placed it in plain … Continue reading Camden: The Epitome of Stupid

Spread the word.

The name of the game is to get as many people on board with this movement as possible. The more people that know the Law, and what they can do, the better. Knowledge is power. As you may have seen, the only defence the Council has left is that people don’t know of their failings. As that wall begins to fall, they will be forced to restore some cleanliness to our streets, as indeed, has already begun to happen. This will make our neighbourhoods safer, and business more profitable. Use the buttons below to share this website, or copy and … Continue reading Spread the word.

How to help

Pages detailing how you can help, and who to contact in the Council. What you should do. Make your voice heard. Please also share this website on social media and with those you think might be interested – it seems like a pointless thing to do, but it does a huge amount in helping raise awareness and spreading the word. Link to share: And consider subscribing to updates, to keep up to date on what we have been doing. Continue reading How to help