‘Can’t Do Camden’

At what point does it become easier just to move to Timbuktu? How much effort does it take to get Camden to do something? It’s a trick question – doing nothing is what Camden do best. I am far more proactive than most in trying to get things resolved. But sometimes it becomes apparent thatContinue reading “‘Can’t Do Camden’”

Plans for New Bins in the Works

Environment Services has undertaken a survey for new bins in the Judd Street area. You can find the survey here. We were out on the fine afternoon of 13th February undertaking a survey for new bins in the Judd Street area. One of the recommendations contained in our report is to increase the provision ofContinue reading “Plans for New Bins in the Works”

Inside Information: The Briefing Panel

Correspondence with senior Camden councillors and officers has shed new light on the Members Briefing Panel controversy. Over the past month a stir has been caused by the so-called overruling of elected councillors by an unelected official in Camden. Originally we had heard that the Members Briefing Panel had recommended an application be heard byContinue reading “Inside Information: The Briefing Panel”

How can our Local Politicians Represent us if they aren’t Local?

Owen Ward ‘While those who make decisions in Whitehall can seem distant and detached, our local councillors live among us, shopping on the same high street, using the same parks and leisure centres and sending their children to the same schools.’ Labour Manifesto 2019 Reading this during the run up to the 2019 election, IContinue reading “How can our Local Politicians Represent us if they aren’t Local?”

Petition Attracts Support Throughout Camden

Petition asking the leader of the Council to intervene in the recent overruling of councillors attracts support from all throughout Camden Note: We have heard from Camden that contrary to reports, the panel did not make a recommendation and was therefore not ‘overruled’. We are seeking clarification of the facts of the matter. Although Camden wrote aContinue reading “Petition Attracts Support Throughout Camden”