Plans for New Bins in the Works

Environment Services has undertaken a survey for new bins in the Judd Street area.

You can find the survey here.

We were out on the fine afternoon of 13th February undertaking a survey for new bins in the Judd Street area.

One of the recommendations contained in our report is to increase the provision of bins in appropriate areas, whilst also introducing signage to educate the community about waste disposal.

The report also recommends the introduction of cast iron bins in the long term to increase pride in the public realm.

Coming Soon to Judd Street

We have identified a trial zone for this approach in the Judd Street area of Bloomsbury.

We undertook a comprehensive survey of all streets within our informal action zone to identify where new bins could be placed. We moved existing bins and have identified 17 possible sites for new bins.

The action zone covers Judd Street and Hunter Street, along with all road segments branching from those roads.

What’s the Point in a Survey?

Litter bins can’t just be placed anywhere – in the wrong place they can encourage inappropriate presentation of household waste.

This is when a resident decides it’s easier to simply take their household waste and either stuff it inside a litter bin or more commonly dump it next to the bin.

It is a widely observed phenomenon throughout Bloomsbury that the introduction of a bin within sight of residential properties can cause residents to begin disposing of their waste in this manner. It is speculated that the extremely high number of reported fly tips in Camden is down to this phenomenon, as Camden and Veolia have to report these instances as fly-tipping before having them removed.

Whilst this is technically fly-tipping, it is incredibly difficult to identify ‘offenders’ and even more difficult to pursue enforcement against them. The best cure is prevention – that is, simply place a bin where residents don’t get tempted.

The placement of litter bins in appropriate places is an art form perfected by Camden’s litter officers – ‘SAMO’s. Today we were out with the Kings Cross Ward SAMO, Fraser Valdez, to identify appropriate sites. To do this, we undertook a comprehensive survey of all stretches of pavement in the action area.

Armed with our local and professional knowledge we were able to identify 17 sites for a new litter bin, potentially increasing the number of bins of the Judd Street/Hunter Street stretch from 10 to 23.

We also moved existing bins to more appropriate and ordered places.

Whether we will see all new bins introduced is unknown. It is not yet known whether Veolia supports the introduction of new bins. Under Veolia’s contract, the introduction of 20 or more bins in a year gives Veolia the opportunity to apply for a proportionate increase in payment.

Whether or not Veolia could justify an increase in payment remains to be seen. We would hope that the increase in bins would decrease the level of cleansing required, and therefore decrease the amount of work required. This would in theory increase Veolia’s profit margins, so we would hope that their officers will support the proposals.

Whilst it is not necessary for Veolia officers to support the proposals, it would be best if all parties involved agreed on an increase in litter bins.

What about the rest of Bloomsbury?

If the approach is successful in the Judd Street area, it can be gradually extended to the rest of Bloomsbury.

This would include working with the Bloomsbury ward SAMO, Andrew Malcolm.

We would seek to engage local residents to make use of their invaluable local knowledge in any further surveys.

The Survey

The Judd Street area survey can be found here.

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