Update – 11/10/2019

Addressing wider issues in Bloomsbury.

After starting with our campaign against litter and fly-tipping in Bloomsbury, we have been drawn in to various other issues in the area – with planning, the street environment, conservation and other such things.

Our aim is to bring Bloomsbury to the level of respect that it deserves. However the problems with litter are tied in to problems of poor resident behaviour, poor involvement from Camden, poor perception of the environment, poor maintenance of the environment – poor planning decisions, poor street furniture – along with Camden’s lack of proper monitoring of Veolia. If we are to make any real change to the area, all these things have to be addressed – although proper monitoring of the Veolia contract is a good place to start.

In this way, as our Casework section has shown, we are attempting to bit by bit, bring improvements to the area. The Casework section is periodically updated, but no notifications are sent out, so be sure to check the pages that you are interested in.

We have been taking a strong interest in Camden’s planning policy, especially applied to the conservation area, and in that way have contacted various societies and organisations, with promising results, whilst also setting up meetings with both senior and junior Camden employees, which will be coming in the following weeks.

We have made contact with Historic England, The Georgian Group, The Victorian Society, and various other organisations who have shown an interest in what is going on here, and we have corresponded about both general and specific issues. We are also arranging meetings with lawyers, to see if we can pursue legal action in some cases, including the recent approval of an extension and part demolition of the listed Eastman Dental Hospital.

We feel that if we can bring general improvements to the area, by means of tidying clutter and educating residents, the problem of littering should be reduced, therefore making it easier to keep the streets clean, and perhaps even within the capabilities of the current set of lacklustre street cleaners.

We also think that by getting the community more involved with things – by creating a better, more homely and respected street environment, then residents will be more likely to chip in to the effort by both maintaining the area, and also will be less likely to commit fly tipping offences, which are surprisingly common amongst our locals, along with tradesman employed for home improvement and renovations.

At the same time we have to press Camden officers to properly monitor the Veolia employees who so often are still seen doing such shoddy and lazy work.

We have also been doing work behind the scenes which cannot yet be announced.

In the coming weeks there should be some interesting news. Keep updated by checking the Casework section periodically, and keeping an eye on your emails.

17:43 11/10/2019

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