What we have been doing around Bloomsbury.

Argyle Walk Regeneration

Working to clean up and properly maintain Argyle Walk. Plans to install CCTV, install better lighting, and possibly gate the walk at night.

Speedy Place Gates

Getting gates installed on notorious crime passage Speedy Place.

The Dolphin

The Dolphin advertise illegally throughout the local area, breach environmental noise regulations, and support AirBnb flats in the area.

Ethio Stores Street Mess

Working to clear up Ethio Stores’ exterior to bring it up to local planning law standards.

Dockless Bicycles

Working to get these under control.

Kings Cross Mobile

Working to remove all illegal advertisement which has built up over years on Kings Cross Mobile.

Argyle School Wonky Railings

Getting Argyle School’s railings repaired and repainted.


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