Casework: Ethio Stores

We raised concerns that the area outside Ethio Stores on Judd Street is overly cluttered and detracts from the Conservation Area, Queen Alexandra Mansions, and also attracts litter and graffiti. The street clutter violates the local planning policy and Camden have the powers to order removal. However we prefer to try and communicate before taking legislative action. We aim to get these inappropriate items of street clutter removed, and the area cleaned up. ENTRY 1: July 2019 ENTRY 2: September 2019 After communication between us, Ethio Stores, Fraser Valdez and Dean Hall from Camden Council, they agreed to have the … Continue reading Casework: Ethio Stores

Updates from Across Bloomsbury

Some changes are seen on the streets, but fundamental issues remain unresolved. Over the past few weeks we have noticed an increased level of cleanliness and order on the streets. We have been in contact with Fraser Valdez who has followed up our reports and done much to rectify individual problems. Dean Hall, a Senior Education and Enforcement Officer, has been investigating fly tipping and inappropriate dumping of business waste on the streets. This morning, we even found some sort of a cleaning machine from another planet zooming around Argyle Walk. And indeed we can see that Argyle Walk is … Continue reading Updates from Across Bloomsbury

Your Stories – David Wilkins.

Issue 3 Our Borough Monitoring Manager tries and fails to undermine our movement by lies and deception, verging on criminality. I was recently forwarded some very interesting correspondence from someone that we will call David for this article. David had sent an email a while back to all of the Councillors and Environmental Team. As has become common, after a few initial responses, Ian Dudding (Borough Monitoring Manager) takes on all the responsibility for the complaint. Although he refuses to clarify this with me, it seems that it is his job to oversee the monitoring of our streets, ensuring that … Continue reading Your Stories – David Wilkins.

Spread the word.

The name of the game is to get as many people on board with this movement as possible. The more people that know the Law, and what they can do, the better. Knowledge is power. As you may have seen, the only defence the Council has left is that people don’t know of their failings. As that wall begins to fall, they will be forced to restore some cleanliness to our streets, as indeed, has already begun to happen. This will make our neighbourhoods safer, and business more profitable. Use the buttons below to share this website, or copy and … Continue reading Spread the word.

Update – The Council begins to crumble.

Names have been anonymised in this article by request of the correspondent. Sabina Arshad has kept in contact with us regarding her complaint. What has transpired has been quite astonishing, in our opinion. One would hope that the Council would treat all residents and businesses equally. What we didn’t mention is that Sabina Arshad is a Queen’s Counsel – a senior barrister so versed in the law that they are appointed a ‘QC’ by the Queen. Despite our many complaints, the Council have rushed to prioritise her complaint above all others. In fact, many of you have had your complaint … Continue reading Update – The Council begins to crumble.

How to help

Pages detailing how you can help, and who to contact in the Council. What you should do. Make your voice heard. Please also share this website on social media and with those you think might be interested – it seems like a pointless thing to do, but it does a huge amount in helping raise awareness and spreading the word. Link to share: And consider subscribing to updates, to keep up to date on what we have been doing. Continue reading How to help

Our Story

The story detailing how this movement began. We recommend that you read this – it helps to understand how and why we are making such a big deal of a problem which on the face of it, is harmless. All in all, it takes around ten minutes. This movement is just as much about people standing up for their rights in a democratic country as it is about having clean and tidy streets, as you will see from our story. Chapter I – How this began. Chapter II – What happened next. Chapter III – What I did. Continue reading Our Story

Update – No Change on the Streets.

And more frustration from residents and businesses. We have seen an increase in the presence of street cleaning persons and apparatus alike, but unfortunately, not a decrease in the presence of filth on our streets. We have sent further emails to the Council, asking them to explain points raised by you, and to request more forcefully an investigation into their cleaning shambles. All emails from us have been totally ignored. We have meanwhile been monitoring the state of affairs on the streets, and talking with businesses and residents. A Tale of Two Pavements. What does this image say to you? … Continue reading Update – No Change on the Streets.