Street Environment

Battling Camden’s nationally significant reputation for litter and fly-tipping, while advocating improvements to the public realm.




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Street Cleanliness

We have been working directly with Camden’s officers since 2019 to bring a better level of cleanliness and order to Bloomsbury’s street environment.

Owen Ward meets with Camden’s officers at least once weekly to tour the area and investigate problems, with less frequent meetings with more senior Camden employees.

We are currently working to implement changes contained in a report which has can be read here.

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Veolia’s Payment and Performance

We were given access to Veolia’s Payment and Performance schedule, and our analysis explained why we see poor levels of cleanliness, and also revealed that Clean Camden reports carry with them fines for exceeding response times.

Read the analysis

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Improving Street Cleanliness in Bloomsbury

Read our report and recommendations for improving street cleanliness in Bloomsbury, compiled after a number of weekly on-street meetings with Camden’s officers.

Read the report

Street Cleanliness Issues

If your neighbourhood has a cleanliness problem, get in touch with us so that we can discuss it with Environment Services, and perhaps meet on the street to find a solution.

You can also get in contact to attend one of our informal weekly meetings on the ground.