Camden make Significant Error in Belgrove House Assessment

Work to ensure that redevelopment of Belgrove House respects the heritage of the area has taken a new turn as it is discovered that Camden made a significant error in their assessment of the site’s historic interest. Camden are required to write appraisals for their conservation areas, which are an attempt to document the specialContinue reading “Camden make Significant Error in Belgrove House Assessment”

BCAAC takes on Belgrove House

The BCAAC are joining forces with local groups to shrink the development at Belgrove House. Their demand is simple: reduce the height of the development to the recommended three to six storeys. The predominant scale of development to the south of Euston Road is three to six storeys, and Camden’s planning brief for Belgrove HouseContinue reading “BCAAC takes on Belgrove House”