Taviplace Corridor


In 2016, residents in the Judd Street area woke to find unprecedented levels of congestion in the area.

It later transpired that Camden had removed a traffic lane on Tavistock Place to make it one-way. Not a single resident knew that this was coming.

This is significant as Camden has a duty to consult with residents affected by changes in their area.

BRAG was formed in response to highlight the failings of the consultation. After it was discovered that Camden had failed woefully to properly consult – after failing to even put up notices in the area as is legally required – Camden were forced to set up a public inquiry into what went wrong.

The Public Inquiry

The public inquiry dragged on for three years at the cost of half a million pounds.

The inquiry recommended that the traffic should flow westwards in the new one-way system, rather than eastwards.

However in 2019 Camden decided to ignore the public inquiry and simply stick with their original decision.

Deputations were made but councillors were not moved.

This cabinet member responsible for the changes, Adam Harrison, is in fact a councillor for Bloomsbury. However he lives in Highgate possibly explaining why he had such little interest in the affair.

Not a single councillor attended any meeting of the public inquiry.

Our Involvement

We were partially successful in our campaigning in forcing a public inquiry into the affair. However Camden chose simply to ignore the inquiry results.

We managed to involve local people and bring to light how poor Camden’s consultation process really is.

However we are now stuck with an east-bound traffic flow, and it has become clear that this is just part of a wider scheme to close off Bloomsbury to traffic and make it more difficult to get around.

More about the affair can be found on BRAG’s website here.

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