Why We Need CCTV


David Marchant is working to address the growing crime crisis in the southern wards of Camden. This includes Bloomsbury, King’s Cross, Holborn and Covent Garden.

Originally campaigning to increase police numbers in the area, with community support and the need recognised by the authorities there has been an increase in the number of ward officers for the Bloomsbury and Holborn & Covent Garden wards.  The police however need more resources to combat the still increasing levels of crime and consider that CCTV would assist them in obtaining evidence to support prosecutions.

Camden’s New CCTV System

One proposal to help the police gather evidence for prosecutions is to extend the coverage of Camden’s CCTV network to cover those streets and locations with the highest level of crime. At Camden’s Culture and Environment Scrutiny Committee meeting on the 16th July 2019 it was said about the system for the housing stock:

‘As part of a wider approach to community safety, the provision of CCTV supports the objective in Our Camden Plan for Camden to have safe, strong and open communities. This report provides an update on the current position regarding CCTV.‘

Clearly if Camden’s ‘Our Camden Plan‘ considers there to be a case for CCTV in Camden’s housing stock this must apply to the streets where much more crime occurs.  Camden are already purchasing a system that covers the whole borough which has capacity for additional CCTV. Perhaps due to recent controversies the CCTV for the southern Camden wards would not have facial recognition technology, but CCTV would be used selectively to protect tourists, workers, and residents from street crime.

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