Community Investment


Have you ever wanted investment in your community and neighbourhood? Ever thought that your road could do with a few more bins, or a total resurfacing? Have you ever thought it would be nice to have your road completely converted into a new park, or simply wanted a couple of million to throw away?

With Community Investment, everything is possible!

Derby Lodge Office Block Construction


Camden have raised about £200M from south of Euston Road, from fantastic developments like this office block in a Grade II listed courtyard!


Camden have been saving these hundreds of millions from such developments for a rainy day!


Now its time to spend those hundreds of millions on our communities, whose livelihoods have been sacrificed to raise this money!

Let’s build something together.

Over several years Camden have raised more than £400M from selling our public assets, encouraging huge developments, and then extracting money from these developments. And what’s more, about half of this has come just from south of Euston Road!

Although much of this money is ring-fenced for direct and immediate investment in communities, Camden have simply been storing it up in a savings account. Nobody seems to mind, though, so Camden just spend it elsewhere on brilliant cutting-edge projects bringing huge benefits to everyone in Bloomsbury and Camden for centuries to come – just like the total resurfacing of Tottenham Court Road in granite, and the introduction of new traffic flow systems, at a total cost of £35M!

This project has already caused several very serious road traffic accidents – what a superb way to spend our public funds!

Camden are loaded – let’s get our deserved share of the fortune.

Ever wondered how Camden can afford to implement cycle lanes everywhere, and throw away half a million on a public inquiry which they then ignore? Yep – Camden are absolutely loaded with funds raised from the sale of public property. Half a million is only 1.3% of funds raised from this scheme in the past five years – absolute peanuts!

Now it’s time for the public to have some involvement in the splashing out of public funds!

All you need to do is just what we’re doing – ask to have the money raised from exploitation of our communities and heritage paid back to us – each resident of Bloomsbury is owed about £6,000 each!

Just give a wish-list of things you want for your community to your local councillors and see how they react!

The Community Investment Program

Learn more about how Camden have managed to raise hundreds of millions behind your back by exploiting your heritage and community, whilst starving essential public services of funds.

Disclaimer: Please do not expect councillors to actually pay for anything you want. Austerity and budget cuts mean public services are stretched enough as it is. However please kindly note this does not apply to vanity projects. We have hundreds of millions available for things we want to do. However due to austerity we cannot spend this on anything that you actually need or want.