David Marchant is working to address the growing crime crisis in Bloomsbury and the surrounding areas, with the support of Bloomsbury Residents’ Action Group and the Bloomsbury Association.

Originally campaigning to increase police numbers in the area, he succeeded in increasing the number of ward officers for Bloomsbury and Holborn & Covent Garden. Now he is working to have CCTV implemented throughout the area.

David Marchant has been meeting with members of the London Assembly and the Metropolitan Police Commissioner. He is now taking the fight to Central Government.

Crime Statistics

See how crime has been growing without bound over recent years in Bloomsbury.

Crime Statistics 2019

Why we need CCTV

Find out about the motivation behind David’s campaign for CCTV in the Bloomsbury area.

Why we need CCTV


If you witness a crime, no matter how small, you should report it.


Although the police cannot investigate a large number of crimes, all crime should be reported so that statistics are more accurate.

It is currently believed that crime is largely underreported in Bloomsbury. David Marchant works with the statistics to convince decision-makers of the need for greater police presence and CCTV. You can help him by making sure any crime you witness is reported.

It may also be that your piece of information forms a vital clue in an investigation.