What You Can Do

While we work to tackle the big problems in Bloomsbury, there are a number of things which each individual can do to help us all in some way.

By playing your part, you too will be helping to save Bloomsbury.

Stay Updated

Check this site from time to time to see what we are working on, as it may affect you or someone that you know. We value the support of every individual, and from time to time we may call on people to sign a petition or support a campaign.

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Use the Clean Camden App

The Clean Camden app allows the public to make reports of cleanliness issues in their neighbourhood, ranging from litter and fly-tips to graffiti and human excrement. Our research revealed that Veolia are fined for not responding to reports, and the reports you make feed directly into the reporting system which Camden’s officers and Veolia use. There is thus real incentive to respond to reports.

You can find out more about the Clean Camden app here.

Using Clean Camden to report issues can be a huge help to increase cleanliness, even if only one or two issues are reported daily. In the long run, you may see an increase in resources in the area.

There are currently problems where reports may not be responded to, which we are working on resolving with new updates to the application. In the meantime, using it to any extent will help keep Bloomsbury clean. If a report is not responded to, you should continue using the application as usual.

Report Crime

If you witness a crime, report it.

A lot of low level crime which occurs in Bloomsbury does not warrant an investigation – if you are verbally abused by someone, without evidence it will be ‘your word against his’ and the police will be unable to take further action. However crime is estimated to be largely underreported in the area, which makes lobbying for greater police numbers or CCTV more difficult. Whatever crime you witness, it should be reported.

It may also be that your report forms a crucial piece of information in a larger investigation. For this reason crime should always be reported.

Keep an Eye on Consultations

Camden are notorious for failing to inform residents of consultations which affect them. You should keep an eye on consultations at Camden’s central hub here, where you can also sign up for updates, and also keep an eye out for planning documents in the area which will be a sign of a consultation for a planning application.

You can learn more about planning and the role of consultation here.

Watch out for Breaches of Planning Control

The Bloomsbury Conservation Areas have members which keep an eye out for planning breaches in the Conservation Areas. We cannot however hope to spot every planning breach and report it, which is why we rely on communities keeping an eye out for us.

You can learn more about how to help here.

Consider Writing an Article for Us

We are keen to include news and opinion from all throughout Bloomsbury.

You can give us a news tip or also propose to write an article of your own. We accept any articles which come under the general heading of ‘Save Bloomsbury’.

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