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This website is a source of information for all the work that people are doing to save Bloomsbury. But who are we, what are we doing to save Bloomsbury and what are we saving Bloomsbury from?

What are we Saving Bloomsbury from?

We are saving Bloomsbury from the destruction of our heritage, the assault on our communities, the increase in crime in the area, and the defacement and vandalism of our world-famous public spaces.


Our heritage is being destroyed to fund Camden. We have uncovered a scheme which has allowed Camden to earn hundreds of millions through planning applications. This scheme encourages the demolition of historic buildings to make way for huge developments.


Our communities are ignored, damaged, and destroyed by Camden. We have discovered that of the nine Bloomsbury area councillors, only four live in the area, whilst one lives as far as Morden. Some of our communities have been put through unimaginable strain by Camden.


Crime in the area is three times the national average, is increasing at three times the national rate, and is still growing. We are working to fight this, and have already succeeded in getting more police officers for the area.

Street Environment

Litter, vandalism, and fly-tipping is a big problem in Bloomsbury. We are working to get the area cleaner, and have already succeeded in doing so and we are now working to implement recommendations contained in our report.

Who are we?

‘We’ are a number of individuals and groups in the Bloomsbury area. This website is run to publicise the work that these groups and individuals are doing to improve the area.

This website is run by Owen Ward who has been campaigning for better levels of street cleanliness in Bloomsbury since 2019 and is a member of two further local groups.

All heritage matters relate to the work of the Bloomsbury Conservation Areas Advisory Committee, the heritage advisory monitoring and protecting the seven Bloomsbury Conservation Areas. Formed of locals with knowledge and expertise in planning, historical, and architectural matters, they have been working since 1968 to protect our heritage.

Bloomsbury Residents’ Action Group is a well-known local group that works to protect residents in Bloomsbury and stand up for their rights. Their members have experience and expertise in protecting residents during construction, and also campaigning to ensure that things are done properly by Camden, and also TfL.

Why are we Doing This?

Bloomsbury, its buildings, and its residents are important, and they require protection. Whilst our local councillors and our local MP should be working to protect us and our interests, they simply don’t. Only four of our nine councillors even live in the area.

We have stepped in to do the work that they should be doing.

We believe Bloomsbury is important enough that we all work for free and are involved in campaigns and work that does not benefit us personally but benefits Bloomsbury as a whole. This is the way that we work – our core aim is to protect Bloomsbury and to make it better in any way possible.

Join us, and we may be able to help you too

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