Trees for Calthorpe Street

Owen Ward and Marianne Jacobs-Lim are working to have trees planted on Calthorpe Street, and to explore the possibility of having the street closed to traffic at one end.


We have discussed tree placement with tree officer Riccardo Arnone. Things are more difficult than they seem due to a proliferation of services down the streets in unusual locations. We have been referred to Transport Strategy to discuss whether trees could be planted in chicanes in the road, and whether one end of Calthorpe Street could be closed to traffic.

21st February 2020

The Background

Trees for Calthorpe Street

Marianne Jacobs-Lim is a resident of Calthorpe Street. She has been trying to get trees planted in the area for about two years.

However after an assessment of the road was undertaken the Tree Officer reported that there were no areas where trees could be planted on the pavement.

This was because cables had recently been lain and they were too close to the surface.

Marianne Jacobs-Lim is exploring the possibility of campaigning to stop this happening in the future, but we want trees installed in the near future.

Riccardo Arnone raised the possibility of having trees planted in the road rather than on the pavement. It is this which we will now explore.

Trees in Chicanes – or even the Middle of the Road?

Camden can install small chicanes in the road and have trees planted there instead. This also helps to calm traffic.

It is this option which we are going to explore.

However ward councillor Julian Fulbrook raised the idea of closing the road at one end and simply having trees planted down the middle.

We will also explore this option but it is likely to come up against some opposition.

Gray’s Inn Road Changes

Marianne Jacobs-Lim dislikes the way in which Calthorpe Street is used as an east-west rat-run. We are therefore considering Cllr Fulbrook’s suggestion of having the junction with Gray’s Inn Road closed to traffic, but allowing cyclists through.

However if this option is explored, it is absolutely imperative that the community of Calthorpe Street support this.

How would this be Funded?

The Mount Pleasant development nearby has earned Camden more than £1M in Section 106 funds and Community Infrastructure Levy. These are funds which are theoretically ring-fenced for investment in the local community.

It is this money which we wish to target for any changes to Calthorpe Street.

There is already funding available for the planting of trees which we don’t need to worry about. It is funding for any physical changes to the road which would require funding.

However we know that Camden have huge amounts of money ring-fenced for the area.

When will we see Changes?

These things can be slow moving and we don’t have an estimate for when changes might go ahead.

We will keep you updated.

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