Cartwright Gardens Changes

Camden have proposed to install a new pavement at the eastern end of Cartwright Gardens. This has been unilaterally opposed and what’s more, we know where the money is coming from and how we could divert it to better ends.

Camden have proposed to install a new pavement on the eastern end of Cartwright Gardens.

All local ‘stakeholders’ have opposed the changes.

We know that the money for these changes came from the One Cartwright Gardens Section 106 payment. There is a section on our website detailing what this means here.

For the purposes of this page all you need to know is that applicants must pay a sum of money to Camden to have their application approved. Larger applications carry larger sums. As One Cartwright Gardens is rather large, Camden earned over £500,000 from this development.

However there is typically a five year limit on the spending of this money. If the money is not spent within five years, Camden may have to give it back.

We are now approaching five years since the money was paid.

Camden’s Bright Idea

Camden had a bright idea to simply splash out on a new pavement to ensure that this money isn’t given back to the applicant.

However nobody in the area wants the pavement. Camden suspected this and tried to sneak the consultation past everyone.

However we successfully managed to extend the consultation significantly.

Community Funds – why not ask the Community about how to spend them?

We have some of our own ideas about how we can spend this money to greater effect. We would support some sort of a heritage project on nearby Marchmont Street to tidy up the street environment and possibly install new heritage street furniture and street surfacing.

This would be a worthwhile project which would enhance the special character of the conservation area.

We believe that the installation of a new pavement on Cartwright Gardens would actually diminish the special character of Bloomsbury.

This is because Bloomsbury is an ‘internationally significant’ example of ‘town planning’. The formal and planned layout of Bloomsbury is extremely important in heritage terms. To start adding new pavements is to alter this historic plan therefore diminishes Bloomsbury’s special character.

This is one of many reasons why we are opposed to the changes.

We are liaising with relevant officers to see what can be done to divert these funds before it is too late.

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