We work to protect our communities from the number of threats which they face, simply through living in the area.

Many residents feel entirely disenfranchised by Camden, and we work to represent and fight for the residents of Bloomsbury when Camden attacks their right to quiet and peaceful work and life.

We also work to protect Bloomsbury and its people from changes imposed upon them from other bodies such as TfL and the GLA.

Bloomsbury Residents’ Action Group (BRAG) were formed in 2016 with the express purpose of exposing and highlighting Camden’s failings with the Tavistock Place corridor. They now are involved in a number of issues throughout the Bloomsbury area, mainly relating to planning and traffic.

Derby Lodge

BRAG campaigned vigorously against this development which has caused irreparable harm to residents. Find out more about the horror of this story.

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Taviplace Corridor

BRAG forced a public inquiry into the shambolic consultation in 2016. Find out more about this story and how we fought the changes.

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The Community Investment Program

At the heart of the damage caused to our communities, and the total lack of regard to consultation is the Community Investment Program.

This is an initiative from Camden to encourage stupendous overdevelopment in order to raise funds. Camden have found a way to raise money through development, and larger developments carry larger payoffs. This means that Camden appear to entirely ignore the needs or rights of residents in order to maximise the money they make.

Although funds raised through development in this manner are ring-fenced for benefitting the local community, we have uncovered statistics showing that Camden spend only a tiny proportion of their funds raised in this way.

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BRAG: Current Work

We are working to oppose the Community Investment Program.

We are all working on opposing the harm that the Gray’s Inn Road cycle lanes will cause to local businesses and residents.

We are also working to represent residents during the redevelopment of Eastman Dental Hospital, also on Gray’s Inn Road.

We are also working to help residents during the construction of the office block in a courtyard at Derby Lodge.

We are also supporting David Marchant in his campaign to fight crime in Bloomsbury.

Visit BRAG’s website to find out more.

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