Our Partner Organisations

Bloomsbury Conservation Areas Advisory Committee

Known as The BCAAC

The BCAAC are a consultee for all matters affecting the Bloomsbury Conservation Areas, which is a set of seven conservation areas including Bloomsbury. They work to ensure that the special character of Bloomsbury is preserved. The administrator of this website is a member of the BCAAC and is also the administrator for their website.

Bloomsbury Residents’ Action Group

Known as BRAG

BRAG are working to represent the residents of Bloomsbury in the face of a local authority which appears to frequently ignore their interests, and in doing so cause significant harm to wellbeing and health. They have an involvement in a number of controversial issues in the Bloomsbury area relating to planning and traffic matters. The administrator of this website is a BRAG committee member, and other BRAG committee members also have involvement with Save Bloomsbury’s work.

Would you like to become involved with our work? Contact us at savebloomsbury@outlook.com.

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