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Camden’s Filth is Symptomatic of Wider Dysfunction

Filthiness in Camden stems not from budget cuts or litter louts but from a widespread culture of laziness, apathy, and a willingness to accept anything as ‘inevitable’.

Owen Ward

‘Can’t Do Camden’

At what point does it become easier just to move to Timbuktu?

Owen Ward

Why not ask the Community about how to spend Community Funds?

A pointless pavement on Cartwright Gardens is the latest instance of wasteful spending of Section 106 funds.

Owen Ward

How can our Local Politicians Represent us if they aren’t Local?

FOI response reveals only four of nine South Camden councillors live in South Camden, with one living in Morden.

Owen Ward

Camden is out of Democratic Control

People are beginning to wonder – who exactly runs Camden – councillors or bureaucrats?

Nicky Coates

The People of Bloomsbury are Irrelevant to Camden

In speaking to people about local affairs, the one theme that crops up time and time again is that Camden simply do not listen to the needs or wants of residents and businesses, pandering instead to institutions, investors, and flimsy ideologies.

Owen Ward

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