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Camden: The Non-Local Authority

FOI response reveals surprising statistics about where Camden employees live. After the popularity of the post revealing that less than half of Bloomsbury’s councillors live in Bloomsbury, with one living in Morden, I decided to do some further research into just how local our local authority is. One problem that those in Bloomsbury often faceContinue reading “Camden: The Non-Local Authority”

How can our Local Politicians Represent us if they aren’t Local?

Owen Ward ‘While those who make decisions in Whitehall can seem distant and detached, our local councillors live among us, shopping on the same high street, using the same parks and leisure centres and sending their children to the same schools.’ Labour Manifesto 2019 Reading this during the run up to the 2019 election, IContinue reading “How can our Local Politicians Represent us if they aren’t Local?”

Historic Hospital Demolition Approved

Camden and the GLA prove their total obliviousness to the importance of heritage in today’s decision to approve the demolition of much of the historic Royal Free Hospital on Gray’s Inn Road.

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