Our Story

The story detailing how this movement began. We recommend that you read this – it helps to understand how and why we are making such a big deal of a problem which on the face of it, is harmless. All in all, it takes around ten minutes. This movement is just as much about people standing up for their rights in a democratic country as it is about having clean and tidy streets, as you will see from our story. Chapter I – How this began. Chapter II – What happened next. Chapter III – What I did. Continue reading Our Story

III – What I did.

After attending the tribunal, I returned home to find an invitation. I was not fool enough to refuse a meeting from the Council. I decided to put off filing my application, and arrange a meeting with the officers. Perhaps it would come to something good after all. Walking back from The City, I was again quite shocked at the state of our streets compared to there. I was careful to be as reasonable as possible. We arranged a meeting on 25 July – the hottest day of the year, and almost a month since my first email. I met with … Continue reading III – What I did.

II – What happened next.

17/07/2019 – Three weeks after my first email. 13/07/2019 14/07/2019 15/07/2019 16/07/2019 16/07/2019 – Since my first email to the Council, nineteen days had passed, and the streets had not been cleaned once. Still, the bin persisted. I had sent emails to more than ten councillors – my three ward councillors, the environment councillor, the lead councillor, and others. Only two had responded. Only one was still corresponding with me at this point, the environment councillor, Adam Harrison. In an effort to appease my complaints about the area of Bloomsbury, the Council cleared just the area around where I lived … Continue reading II – What happened next.

I – How this began.

This is the first chapter of three telling the story of a resident’s experience with the Council. It is useful to read this to understand how and why this movement has begun, and what you might expect from the Council. 29th June 2019: I initially corresponded with the Council over plans to improve the area of Bloomsbury immediately around where I live, Queen Alexandra Mansions. We always suffered from problems with rough sleepers using our entrances, then leaving all their rubbish, including drug waste, for us to clear up. The neighbourhood still suffers from those problems but not on our … Continue reading I – How this began.