Casework: Kings Cross Mobile

Kings Cross Mobile was once a newspaper / refreshment stand. Since being taken over by a tourist/mobile repair company, its advertisements have gotten out of control, seriously impacting on the special character of the Conservation Area. They also use public land for private profit illegally – placing stands out on the street, using multiple A-boards, and generally cluttering the street. It is against planning law in the area to attach any advertisement at all to the exterior of a building. It is also against national planning law to place A-boards on public land. Kings Cross Mobile is out of control. … Continue reading Casework: Kings Cross Mobile

Casework: The Dolphin

The Dolphin on the corner of Bidborough Street and Tonbridge Street is a scourge on our neighbourhood. They allow ridiculous breaches of noise regulations on match days, dispose of waste inappropriately, advertise illegally over the local area, and most recently it has been found that they are acting as a key repository for AirBnb flats in the area. Even when Camden notify them of their breaches, they continue to break the law. ENTRY ONE: AUGUST 2019 We raised concerns with Fraser Valdez and Dean Hall that The Dolphin were illegally advertising over the area. They were attaching their A-board (advertising … Continue reading Casework: The Dolphin

Casework: Dockless Bicycles

We are working to try and get the dockless bikes under control. They are dumped around the place at will. They are not in keeping with the Conservation Area. They look tacky and get in the way. FIRST ENTRY: AUGUST 2019 We enquired whether the dockless bicycles were controlled in any way by Camden. We received a letter back saying that the Lime and Jump bikes were permitted on a one year trial but that all other providers were banned from the Borough. Providers that aren’t Jump or Lime are not allowed to place bikes in the Borough of Camden. … Continue reading Casework: Dockless Bicycles

Casework: Argyle Walk Regeneration

Argyle Walk is a notoriously lawless avenue, and has been so since the Victorian Era. There are no windows, multiple points of egress to run from Police, no CCTV, and hardly any windows. It seems not a day goes by without some issue. Whenever we visit the place, residents come out to petition us for change. Problems involve drug dealing, drug taking, homeless camps being set up, fights, fly tipping, littering, vandalism of trees and buildings, failure to clean the street, and urination onto and even into properties. As recently as a month ago this place had become impassable as … Continue reading Casework: Argyle Walk Regeneration

Casework: Speedy Place Gates

Working to get gates installed on Speedy Place. This is a sheltered dead-end, and has been the site of four break-ins in a single year. Often trashed by rough sleepers. Noise issues almost every night. Used by prostitutes. All these things occur at night – so we are asking for gates open at day, closed at night. ENTRY ONE: AUGUST 2019 We talked with Sharon from The Boot about Speedy Place. More in the article here. Camden’s street cleaner for the area refuses to clean the place. However it is a public highway. On the grounds that it is a … Continue reading Casework: Speedy Place Gates

Casework: Argyle School Wonky Railings – CLOSED

Repairing wonky damaged railings outside Argyle School. CLOSED – 11/10/2019 We raised concerns with Fraser Valdez from Camden that the railings outside the Primary School were both damaged and largely unnecessary. The purpose of such railings is to prevent dangerous crossing of the road. But the road is a cul-de-sac and as such the railings are a bit pointless. FIRST ENTRY: AUGUST 2019 SECOND ENTRY: SEPTEMBER 2019 Railings have been repaired or replaced and new paint is in the process of drying. Have not heard from Camden who is responsible for this! We will ask for the rest of the … Continue reading Casework: Argyle School Wonky Railings – CLOSED

Casework: Ethio Stores

We raised concerns that the area outside Ethio Stores on Judd Street is overly cluttered and detracts from the Conservation Area, Queen Alexandra Mansions, and also attracts litter and graffiti. The street clutter violates the local planning policy and Camden have the powers to order removal. However we prefer to try and communicate before taking legislative action. We aim to get these inappropriate items of street clutter removed, and the area cleaned up. ENTRY 1: July 2019 ENTRY 2: September 2019 After communication between us, Ethio Stores, Fraser Valdez and Dean Hall from Camden Council, they agreed to have the … Continue reading Casework: Ethio Stores