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What we are doing in Bloomsbury.

Important Right Now

The Democratic Deficit

We are working to highlight the democratic deficit in Bloomsbury, and formulating a plan to resolve it.

Read this popular article to understand more.

Cartwright Gardens Changes

Nobody wants a new pavement on Cartwright Gardens – we know why it’s being proposed, and we want the money to be diverted elsewhere.

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Section 106 – Where’s our Money?

We have found Camden are raising hundreds of millions through Section 106 in Bloomsbury – money which is supposed to be spent on us. Where is it?

The CIP – learn what it is.

All Current Work

Weekly Litter Walks

We have weekly meetings with Camden’s SAMOs to identify and resolve cleanliness problems in the area.

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CCTV and rusticated ground floor Great Russell Street Bloomsbury

CCTV for Bloomsbury

David Marchant is campaigning for CCTV to be introduced onto the streets.

Why we need CCTV.

Ban Dockless Bikes

We are trying to get dockless bikes banned from Bloomsbury.

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Trees for Calthorpe Street

We are working to get trees on Calthorpe Street, with the possibility of closing one end to traffic.

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Gray’s Inn Road Changes

We are campaigning to ensure the community’s needs are met during the installation of new cycle lanes.

EDH Development

We are working to ensure residents are properly represented during construction of the new building.

New Bins for Bloomsbury

We are trialling an increased density of bins in the Judd Street area, with a possibility of extension to the rest of Bloomsbury.

See the trial zone here.


We are trying to bring greater alignment between Camden’s planning department and ourselves.

Visit the BCCAC website.

Derby Lodge Office Block Construction

Derby Lodge

We are working to represent residents during the construction of an office block in their courtyard.

What’s happening.

Use Clean Camden

We are campaigning to make the Clean Camden App popular.

Find out why.

Abandoned Highways Equipment

We are trying to ensure that contractors stop leaving highways equipment around Bloomsbury.

Argyle Walk

We are working to ‘beautify’ Argyle Walk as part of a Keep Britain Tidy campaign.

Things we’ve Achieved

Police line on Argyle Walk, Bloomsbury, Camden

Greater Police Numbers

David Marchant has succeeded in increasing police numbers in Bloomsbury.

Find out about his work.

Taviplace Inquiry

We succeeded in forcing a public inquiry into the shambolic Taviplace consultation.

Read more here.

British Museum Refusal

We succeeded in getting an inappropriate extension to the British Museum refused.

Read on the BCAAC website.

What you’re Doing

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