Breaking: Fraud all but Confirmed

Data seen by Save Bloomsbury has all but confirmed the suspicions of many that Veolia have been fraudulently avoiding deductions from their payment.

Following a Freedom of Information request, data has all but confirmed that Clean Camden reports are being fraudulently completed by Veolia.

We requested from the London Borough of Camden the exact monthly figures on the number of defaults on Clean Camden (number of reports not responded to within time limits) and the total deduction made.

During the first month of Clean Camden’s introduction, April 2018, 134 defaults were recorded leading to a total deduction of £4,424.01.

For three further months figures remained at a similar level until a sudden drop off in August 2018, where the overall deduction dropped to just £165.08 with only 5 reports marked as defaulted.

According to the data, there were no defaults during the month of October 2019 across the whole of Camden, with the total number of defaults in 2019 totalling just 25.

This is despite a recent investigation finding Camden as being the second most affected local authority for fly tipping in the country, with 25,765 reports made over a year.

Serious questions must now be asked of LBC, calculations suggesting that up to £60,000 has been lost in this way.

More to follow.

18:03 13/11/2019

One thought on “Breaking: Fraud all but Confirmed

  1. OMG!! This really doesn’t look good at all does it. Well done! I can’t wait to hear the explanation for this ‘anomaly’. Keep up the good work.


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