Casework: The Dolphin

The Dolphin on the corner of Bidborough Street and Tonbridge Street is a scourge on our neighbourhood.

They allow ridiculous breaches of noise regulations on match days, dispose of waste inappropriately, advertise illegally over the local area, and most recently it has been found that they are acting as a key repository for AirBnb flats in the area.

Even when Camden notify them of their breaches, they continue to break the law.


We raised concerns with Fraser Valdez and Dean Hall that The Dolphin were illegally advertising over the area.

They were attaching their A-board (advertising board) to a post on Euston Road, which not only is illegal, and is violating the local planning policy, and also violated the Conservation Area policy – but looked tacky and made the area look run down. They frequently placed an A-board up the road on Judd Street (also illegal) and had attached an unauthorised advertisement to the exterior of Queen Alexandra Mansions.

Whenever a football match was on, they allow extraordinary breaches of environmental regulations on noise. It seems they even pride themselves on being a ‘traditional pub’ allowing this sort of noise.

They also frequently dumped their rubbish across the road where the recycling bins had once been.

The Education and Enforcement Officer Dean Hall spoke to the owners and let them know that their practices were illegal.

We notified the managing agents for Queen Alexandra Mansions of the advertisement on the exterior.


The Dolphin still persist to advertise illegally over the area.

Placement of A-boards on public land is illegal – it is use of public space for private gain. But given that we live in a conservation area, A-boards should also be ‘in keeping with the area’ – i.e. ‘olden’. Evidently this is not the case here.

Peter Agbley, Licensing Enforcement Officer, is writing to The Dolphin to possibly pursue legal action.

We also bumped into a group obviously on holiday. They told us of how they collected the keys for their AirBnb flat from The Dolphin.

We are continuing to find and pursue options in getting The Dolphin’s detrimental effect on the neighbourhood under control.


Evidence was recorded of the well known antisocial behaviour attracted by The Dolphin and one of the video recordings can be seen here:

The group became so rowdy that about six police officers turned up.

Richard Bradbury, Head of Environment Services, passed on the evidence to Tracey Martin the Pollution EHO, who is currently liaising with the Licensing and Enforcement Team at Camden.

We had a lengthy chat with Tracey regarding our next steps.

Hopefully we can see some action that will prevent this occurring again.

It has been noted that their illegal advertisement on Euston Road seems to have ceased, although it continues on Judd Street.


Another noise report was made at 22:30 on 28/09/2019. Football hooligans were disturbing the neighbourhood with their chanting at The Dolphin.

It was also found that on 29/09/2019 the Dolphin have resumed their illegal advertisement.

Evidence has been passed on to Peter Agbley (Licensing Enforcement Officer) and Dean Hall (Education and Enforcement Officer) who are assigned to the case.

It is interesting to see how on Euston Road shoddy areas start to attract litter and the dumping of dockless bicycles etc. This is precisely why we put such an emphasis on the reduction of tacky clutter such as The Dolphin’s around the neighbourhood.


The Dolphin was again the scene of public disorder, with fireworks set off and an aftermath of vandalism over the local area. There was a heavy police presence.

Evidence was recorded and sent to the EHO Tracey Martin and the Licensing Enforcement Officer Peter Agbley. They are conducting a site visit on 14th October 2019. Consideration of enforcement action will then be taken. We will recommend the strongest enforcement measures possible.

It has also been found that the street bin outside the Dolphin, which was heavily vandalised, has been swapped with one on the adjacent corner, which was relatively well kept, and the vandalised one has been shifted elsewhere. This has been reported to the street environment team.

The Managing Agents of QAM are arranging the removal of their unauthorised advertisement attached to the building.


The next stage in the process is to arrange for noise officers to visit the scene when the next breach of regulation occurs. We will be waiting for the next football fixture in London which we have been told is the usual time for large disturbances. Hopefully we will have this resolved once and for all.

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