Casework: Speedy Place Gates

Working to get gates installed on Speedy Place. This is a sheltered dead-end, and has been the site of four break-ins in a single year. Often trashed by rough sleepers. Noise issues almost every night. Used by prostitutes. All these things occur at nightso we are asking for gates open at day, closed at night.


We talked with Sharon from The Boot about Speedy Place. More in the article here. Camden’s street cleaner for the area refuses to clean the place. However it is a public highway. On the grounds that it is a public highway, Camden won’t gate it off. Used to be gated in the old days. Police issued a letter of support for gating the road. The Boot have had to pay to have perspex installed on the window exteriors. CCTV installed.


We visited Speedy Place with Fraser Valdez and met with Sharon. We had previously emailed Head of Environment Services Richard Bradbury to check for feasibility. Camden now actively investigating the possibility of gates – how they would work, who would have keys, who would clean and maintain the place, what time they would close, etc. We are hopeful that Camden will get this done soon, to the relief of all.


We have had our request passed on to the ‘Community Safety Team’ at Camden. We have contacted Rachel Kelly (Head of Community Safety and Emergency Management) to see what the next steps are to get these gates installed.

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