Casework: Kings Cross Mobile

Kings Cross Mobile was once a newspaper / refreshment stand. Since being taken over by a tourist/mobile repair company, its advertisements have gotten out of control, seriously impacting on the special character of the Conservation Area.

They also use public land for private profit illegally – placing stands out on the street, using multiple A-boards, and generally cluttering the street.

It is against planning law in the area to attach any advertisement at all to the exterior of a building. It is also against national planning law to place A-boards on public land. Kings Cross Mobile is out of control.


We raised concerns with Fraser Valdez and Dean Hall that KXM were breaching local planning laws. We also contacted the planning department at Camden to report planning breaches.

The planning investigator passed on the case to an enforcement officer, whose contact we are waiting upon. Fraser Valdez is currently researching the best person to allocate the case to. We are going to contact TfL who have authority over Euston Road.

Our aim is to have all these A-boards and external advertisements removed as being both illegal and highly detrimental to the special character of the Conservation Area.

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