Casework: Argyle School Wonky Railings – CLOSED

Repairing wonky damaged railings outside Argyle School.

CLOSED – 11/10/2019

We raised concerns with Fraser Valdez from Camden that the railings outside the Primary School were both damaged and largely unnecessary. The purpose of such railings is to prevent dangerous crossing of the road. But the road is a cul-de-sac and as such the railings are a bit pointless.



Railings have been repaired or replaced and new paint is in the process of drying. Have not heard from Camden who is responsible for this! We will ask for the rest of the railings to be painted as well.


It was later confirmed that the person responsible for getting this done was Fraser Valdez, Senior Area Monitoring Officer, who passed on the concerns to the Highways Team at Camden.


The painting of the railings has been completed. It only now remains to actually get the blue things removed, which have been shifted around the place by irritated residents. We will be making a complaint about the negligence of the Highways Team to actually get old roadworks apparatus removed without prompting.


4 thoughts on “Casework: Argyle School Wonky Railings – CLOSED

  1. Tonbridge St is not a cul de sac and there are often very fast cars driving as if it’s some sort of rat run avoiding Judd St – the railings are necessary

    Ian Brown


  2. Hi Ian,

    I live on the corner of Hastings Street and Tonbridge Street, right opposite these railings. I have never seen any fast car come down here – and no technically it is not a cul-de-sac, but because of the one way system here, and especially since Judd St. was closed off, it functions in that way.

    We are also looking into a system called ‘Healthy School Streets’ which would have the whole road closed off during the school run to reduce pollution and would therefore make the railings defunct anyway.

    However as the railings have been properly repaired and painted we consider the case closed – it is wasteful to remove them now.

    – O Ward


    1. There are occasional very fast cars up Tonbridge St . I think people think they can find a faster route. (I live on Tonbridge St) plus the odd boy racer. Closing off the road for school times seems like a great idea


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