Update – The Council begins to crumble.

Names have been anonymised in this article by request of the correspondent.

Sabina Arshad has kept in contact with us regarding her complaint.

What has transpired has been quite astonishing, in our opinion. One would hope that the Council would treat all residents and businesses equally. What we didn’t mention is that Sabina Arshad is a Queen’s Counsel – a senior barrister so versed in the law that they are appointed a ‘QC’ by the Queen.

Despite our many complaints, the Council have rushed to prioritise her complaint above all others.

In fact, many of you have had your complaint entirely ignored by Camden, and certainly they have refused to log it as a complaint as requested. Even our longstanding issues have not been logged as a complaint, in violation of their complaints policy.

Many different persons within the Council have been mobilised to deal with her complaint, logging it as ‘High Importance’ – whilst still we wait for our complaint to be adequately dealt with – despite it being exactly the same complaint, made more than two months ago.

And yet even then, Ian Dudding refuses to admit that there is any problem.

In fact we have sent evidence – but Ian Dudding claimed that he could not access the files that we sent to him.

It seems that even though he cannot access the photos, he still knows what those photos are of.

And in this email, he claims that we must in any case, use the Clean Camden app to report any litter left behind by incompetent street cleaners. What sort of nonsense is this?

One can only ask, for how long can this go on? Their position is becoming harder and harder to defend. More and more people are becoming irritated and frustrated at both Camden’s inability to keep the streets clean, and inability to admit that there is even any problem.

We have been campaigning in the area today, talking to residents and businesses. We have heard of stories of people who have lived here for forty years, who have sent ‘thousands’ of complaints, with no results.

And yesterday we received an email from our MP, Keir Starmer.

By the way, Keir Starmer is also a QC, and the former Director of Public Prosecutions.

The Council have also seemingly replaced our usual Monitoring Officer with a new one, who is seemingly keen to contact at least some of us.

This new officer has also rushed to contact Sabina Arshad QC.

Although it is promising that we have been contacted like this, one can only ask, why us, and nobody else?

Why should it take so much effort and threat to get Camden to pay regard to the Law? We have spoken to many residents and businesses who are in fact much older than the Council itself, who have been consistently ignored for years. Why is that the case? The Council, which prides itself on championing under-represented groups, in fact ignores the weakest and feeblest in society, whilst rushing to cater to those who are the strongest.

It is shameful.

And whilst it may seem like things are finally beginning to change, this is no time to lie down. If we show any sign of relenting, they will again ignore us, and things will go back to as they were before, as you may have seen in reading our story.

In fact, this is the time to push more than ever for real change.

18:43 – 28/08/2019

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