Their Stories – Georgia Gould

Issue Number 1

Over many months, I, and many others, have sent emails to our lead Councillor, Georgia Gould.

However, I have never once received an email from her, despite threatening court action, which could have cost the Council many thousands of pounds if lost.

So what does our great leader spend her time doing exactly?

No money to clean our streets?

Our great leader and her subjects are to approve a modest £10,000 increase in her salary this year – a 37% increase from last year.

Our supreme leader will now be paid a grand total of £40,000 a year to ignore our emails. A pretty good salary, especially considering that the role is part time.

Work for Camden.

So how does she explain this modest increase?

Perhaps the independent recommendation was from Georgia Gould Ltd.

Her Cabinet – including our most worthy and competent Jonathan Simpson, will see a 54% increase in their salaries as well, rising from £16,275 to £25,000.

Most of the most loyal court will see a 5% increase, and some Conservative Councillors will not see any increase at all.

Meanwhile, they still do not have enough money to keep our streets clean and tidy from those evil tourists, and still need to sell our Town Hall to raise funds for… what exactly?

Serving ourselves since our foundation, at the cost of our most loyal servants.

22/08/2019 11:02

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