Your Stories – Sabina.

Issue Number 1

Names in this article have been anonymised by request of the correspondent.

Sabina recently took up the torch against the Council, opting to send the email that we suggested. What follows is rather interesting.

It is interesting that Jonathan replies to Sabina within 24 hours. We are still waiting for a response regarding our litter emails.

She also received a response from our Borough Monitoring Manager, Ian Dudding.

Ian is uncertain as to whether Sabina is a Sir or a Madam.

As expected, the Council divert their responsibility and start talking about other things.

Ian makes it seem as though a complaint about the streets is invalid unless street cleansing services have already been requested. What he fails to mention is that these requests are never responded to. We made a specific complaint about that weeks ago – streets are simply cleaned up as part of their schedule, and then they claim that the request has been responded to.

There is also no basis under law requiring individuals to persist in using the Council’s dysfunctional services before notifying the Council that their service is dysfunctional.

There is certainly no requirement to furnish evidence in making a complaint that the Council are breaking the law, as they indeed are. It is interesting that Ian doesn’t mention this fact, or even acknowledge the EPA anywhere in the email, as though it is irrelevant. Rather odd, we must say.

It is interesting what he says about a ‘multi-stakeholder group’ (whatever that is). Supposedly it has local resident representation, but we have not been notified about this, despite being very active local residents, and in fact being the ones to urge long term solutions to ASB in the first place… how strange.

But beyond that… forget about ASB afflicting the area. The main affliction in this area is Camden’s negligence. Again, the Council try to imply that they are doing all that they can to fight against the evil afflictions inherent to our neighbourhood. Ian received an email before this reply with a link to our ‘monitoring’ exercise, which he has not responded to it seems.

Forget the multi-stakeholder group. Just clean the streets, as the law requires, and then we can perhaps consider bringing improvements to the area.

  • 21/08/2019 10:13

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