What you can do.

1) Sign Up

Sign up to the movement. You will receive updates on our work and can contact us with any issues that you have.

2) Make your Voice Heard

You can send a formal complaint to Camden Council, by emailing the Chief Executive.

We have composed a suitable email to be sent, or you can set out your own issues.

Alternatively, if you send your name and postcode to savebloomsbury@outlook.com we will take on your complaint for you.

SEND YOUR COMPLAINT TO: jenny.rowlands@camden.gov.uk

AND CC: complaints@camden.gov.uk

Suggested Email:

To the Chief Executive at Camden Council,

I am aggrieved by the defacement by litter of the wards of Bloomsbury and Kings Cross. Camden Council are in breach of their statutory duty under Section 89 (1) of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, to ensure that the streets are kept clear of litter, so far as is practicable.

I have seen evidence of your failure to abide by the law, to pay disregard to the Secretary of State’s Code of Practice, and your failure to deal with requests to amend those failures.

I have seen evidence of Veolia’s failure to fulfil adequately the terms of their contract, and Camden’s failure to hold Veolia to account and properly monitor this Contract. This calls into question Camden’s ability to use taxpayers’ money in an appropriate way.

Verification of these claims can be found on the below website, whence this email was also found:


I do not consider this complaint resolved until the streets are kept at standards set out in the Code, as required by law, and a full investigation has taken place into the said failures within the Council.

Yours Sincerely,

Your Name Here.

3) Get in Contact

Together we are stronger, and that is why we created this website – to bring together our community so that we have the collective strength to hold Camden to account.

If you have any ideas or would like to be involved further with this movement, please contact us at savebloomsbury@outlook.com

Even if this is just for a chat – hearing the views of residents and businesses and properly representing them is incredibly important to us.

4) Spread the Word

We want everyone that lives here to know about this issue – it is their rights being violated, and their money being wasted. You can help us by sharing this site in any way you can, so that we can reach everyone being affected.

One thought on “What you can do.

  1. Made a complaint to all of the buggers. Got a message from the pudding bloke.

    Thank you for your email below and I am sorry to hear of your dissatisfaction.

    In order for me to investigate the issues you have raised please furnish me with details of the street cleansing requests that you have submitted and that have not been resolved (e.g. reference numbers if submitted online, or screenshots of uncompleted reports submitted via the Clean Camden app).

    You may also be interested to know that we are intending to instigate a multi-stakeholder group (i.e. council representatives, local residents & businesses, etc) in September, with a view to collectively tackling the anti-social behaviours that can afflict this part of the borough. I would welcome your active participation in that group.

    Like you said, dunno what the hell he’s on about

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