Appendix 4: Useful Websites.


  • It is essential to verify facts. You can do so on our Government’s website recording UK law:
    • Environmental Protection Act 1990
      • The legislation which our Council should be lawfully following, also covering many other things, such as noise and pollution.
    • Section 89
      • Section 89 deals with the Council’s duty to keep the streets clear of litter.
    • Section 91
      • Section 91 deals with the court procedures against Councils, and Litter Abatement Orders.
    • Code of Practice on Litter and Refuse
      • The Code of Practice is in many ways the most incriminating document. I highly recommend looking over this document, if not at anything else. Councils must abide by the Code, unless there is substantial reason not to do so. It is written in plain English, and describes clearly how Councils must keep all surfaces clear of litter and detritus, and the maximum response times for responding to complaints. In our area, this should be half a day.The Council openly admitted to me that since they signed a contract with Veolia in 2017, they no longer pay any regard to the Code. There are many interesting loopholes and shortcuts relating to the Code and the EPA which Councils in the UK routinely exploit to avoid keeping streets clear.


There are many other websites dealing with the legislation, trying to educate the public to know their rights. There are many other concerned citizens going to extraordinary lengths to try and change things for the better. Many motorways and areas have been entirely cleared of litter thanks to their silent actions.

  • Clean Highways
    • The work of a single man – Peter Silverman. He has used the EPA and other legislation to try to hold our Government to account. Unlike my failures, he has succeeded in many things, showing that it is possible to make change, even as an individual.
  • Litter Action
    • A charity organising action against litter. It has useful information on the legislation, but unfortunately derives funding from Government, so does very little except file complaints on your behalf. Takes ages to respond to contact. Useful for information, though.
  • Keep Britain Tidy
    • Supposedly Britain’s premier litter charity. Former employer of our head of Environmental Services, Richard Bradbury. Unfortunately also receives much Government funding, and so does little to pressure any change. Also has a lot of information. Holds contacts within Camden Council, and will take on concerns for you. Takes some role in taking an annual survey of the state of litter in our area, but evidently to little effect. Also takes forever to respond. I have received one response over two months.

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