Appendix 1: Evidence.

This page is a store of evidence for the claims made on this website. It is only periodically updated with new material. Last updated: 07/09/2019.

Photo Evidence:












11/08/2019 Bidborough Street (East)

11/08/2019 Argyle Walk

Correspondence – Last Updated 19/08/2019

We apologise for not organising this better, but there is significant overlap between all the emails. They are roughly in chronological order, 0 being the first email.

Litter Correspondence – Scribd

Litter Walk – 26/08/2019

A morning walk trailing a mechanical sweeper and team. An improvement, but note the sweeper’s refusal to sweep beyond Camden’s pavement borders, his sweeping of detritus onto tree pits, and general shoddy work – certainly not ‘Grade A’ as is specified in the EPA and Veolia Contractgiven the minor accumulations in some areas, this is can only be a Grade C standard.

The last few photos show the sweeper team having a long break sitting around doing nothing – they noticed my documentation of their work. I ‘outflanked’ them, coming in a circle and took photos of them from behind. As they thought that I had gone, they took off at high speed – and I could no longer find any of them, on Euston Road or Judd Street.!AvShVI34X9OWhmICUrGOxk2TwJGj?e=nQDJO

Veolia Contract

Part of the contract specifying Veolia’s responsibilities to Camden and thus ourselves.

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