Appendix 3: Litter Fines and the Future.

What happens if we extrapolate the data?

The power of statistics.

A pretty good fit for the data points, suggesting that the Council will issue itself with 14.6 fines in relation to litter this year. Given the level of filth and lawlessness this year, perhaps that prophecy will be fulfilled.

They will continue to issue themselves with fines until the year 2021, when they will manage to get themselves out the dirt and issue a total of 5.6 fines to offenders (other than themselves).

The national average for issuing of Fixed Penalty Notices per authority currently (which doesn’t even account for all litter fines) is 2,940. Bear in mind most areas are cleaner than this one. This graph suggests Camden will reach the national average by 2037.

Before moaning about funding, perhaps the Council should try and actually fine those people leaving all the litter.

Disclaimer: The above numerical predictions are predictions made by a quadratic regression model, which you can verify yourself. The interpretation is an entirely human matter, which is made in some jest. It is not fact that the Council will issue itself with fines, it is purely a prediction made by the statistics.

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